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According to some pit bull owners, blue pits are really show dogs and are breed to look good and be huge. while red nose pits are an all around dog that can be used for hog hunting and fighting.

What are the differences between Red nose pit bulls and blue nose pit bulls.  How did the two different terms and/or strains come about what is the history behind blue nose pit bulls?

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5 Responses to “Difference of Red And Blue Nose Pit Bull”

  1. Bullguardo Sovereignty says:

    @ 0:24 Dog is saying “Oh never mind if any one wants a dog like me, just put the camera down and open this door am freezing” haha What a Nice Dog thanks for sharing!

  2. Chell Johnson says:

    pitt bulls are probs the easiest dog to train

  3. Damian6Robin says:

    Very nice pit!! Ears done just like mine

  4. Alannah Blood says:

    Those eyes

  5. jayden molina says:


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